Monday, March 30, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Templates in MyWord

New in MyWord Editor v0.60 -- templates.

A quick tour of how they work for writers.

  1. There's a new menu in MyWord Editor with the names of all the templates that are available. When you publish a page, we use the template you've chosen.

  2. There's a default template. You can change it in the new CMS panel of Settings.

  3. The sysop can change the contents of the templates popup in config.json.

There's much more info about the feature on this page, which uses the Plain template.

Technical stuff

A template consists of a name and the URL of an HTML file containing the page template.

The Plain template is a good place to start if you want to see how templates are made.

Where you see macros, in this [%syntax%], we substitute a value from the pagetable.

Items that have ID attributes, like idEssayText and idVersionNumber, are set by the startup script. Your choice. Static substitution, or set by script at read-time. Or elements could be fully dynamic, even AJAXy. I wanted to have the full power of scripting available in the template platform.

You can override everything. That's a basic principle. (Maybe not an absolute.)


This is the central feature to the blogging software. In a sense everything is peripheral to the way content flows from author through the templates to the web. If it's done well, at the point of connections, designers can have the maximum power. And we want sysops to have the max flexibility, and make it as easy as possible to host and maintain templates.

Breakage alert

There will certainly be breakage from this point. This is the first place where users and designers get involved in the template process, and this is new software, so it's flexible. Things can change now without breaking an installed base. We're going to take advantage of that.

You will have questions

I do too. Post them here as comments or on the mail list. Even better, write a blog post, and post a link.

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