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Welcome to MyWord Editor

MyWord Editor is a simple browser-based editor that publishes to the web.


Here's an example of the kind of document it produces.

How to

To create a new document, just load the MyWord Editor page, if a document is already present, choose the New command in the Editor menu. The fields of the form clear. Enter a title, description and body for the post.

The text is automatically saved as you type.

When you want to publish your essay, choose Publish from the Publish menu. To view the published page, click OK on the confirmation dialog that appears.

Advanced features

  1. In the Publish menu, choose View story to view the published page.

  2. In the Editor menu, choose View RSS feed to view the feed containing your essays.

  3. Choose Get JSON backup to view an data file (in JSON) containing all your posts, so you can transfer them to another account or application, or to serve as a backup.

Using Markdown

You can use Markdown in a limited form, but you have to turn it on first.

  1. Choose the Settings command from the system menu (it's at the right edge of the menu bar, the menu with your username as its title).

  2. In the Publish panel, click the checkbox for "Use the Markdown processor."

  3. Click OK.

There are limits to our Markdown support.

  1. Markdown works within paragraphs, so if you put asterisks around some text, you'll get italic text. And you can put pound signs in front of a headline to get it properly boldened and enlarged.

  2. But any Markdown construct that spans more than one paragraph is ignored. The Markdown model says they don't look inside paragraphs, a good policy. So there's a little bit of Markdown support in here, not full support.

Support mail list

If you have questions post them here as a comment, or on the support mail list.

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